Achieve Greater Integration

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To optimize the environment for a broader culture of collaboration

Sub-goals: Research

  • Invest in recruiting, supporting and retaining outstanding faculty that strategically align with areas of strength across Tufts and its affiliates
  • Develop infrastructure to promote interdisciplinary interactions within TUSM, across Tufts’ schools and across the academic clinical partners to tackle major public health challenges
    • Infrastructure needs include enhanced cooperation in the areas of intellectual property, grant administration, philanthropy, IT, informatics, data science, artificial intelligence and core facilities
    • Means to foster interactions include improved communication, enhanced tissue repositories, collaborative workshops, joint research reports/journal clubs and joint recruitment of investigators

Sub-goals: Education

  • Realize a fully integrated MD curriculum where the scientific underpinnings of molecular medicine, clinical sciences and population health are taught across the four years
  • Graduate students with a core understanding of basic and translational science and the fundamentals of public health and the health of populations
    • Introduce PhD students to important clinical problems to foster interest in translational science
  • Integrate the academic clinical partners into education (ex. capstone stone, Applied Learning Experience, PhD thesis and scholarly projects)
  • Promote educational integration across clinical translational science and population health
    • Coordinate population health education across TUSM and our partners
    • Establish expectations for students to learn about healthcare implementation science

Sub-goals: Clinical and Public Health Practice

  • Align academic partners and TUSM around transforming the clinical learning environment to foster inclusiveness and mitigate micro-aggressions in medicine
  • Create laboratories of innovation with clinical, community and academic partners to test and study models of care that improve population health and apply an anti-racist, equity lens
  • Harness technology to improve health equity, clinical care and population health