Transform TUSM into an Anti-Racist Institution

Transform TUSM into an Anti-Racist Institution icon

To inspire and effect greater change in the system

Research, Education, Clinical and Public Health Practice

  • Provide all students in all degree programs with a robust anti-racism curriculum that is multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and threaded throughout entire curricula, including clinical training
  • Team up with academic partners to remove vestiges of structural racism from clinical practice, including but not limited to ending the use of clinical algorithms built on assumptions of race as a biological construct
  • Play a leadership role in AAMC and other local, state, regional and national organizations in creating a medical education system that is actively anti-racist
  • Provide opportunities for anti-racism and anti-bias training for all staff, clinical faculty and basic science/research faculty
  • Provide support for faculty in reviewing curricular materials, grant submissions and manuscript drafts for language or assumptions implicitly accepting racist ideas or ideology
  • Hold students, faculty and administrators accountable for maintaining and supporting an anti-racist environment
  • Assure that teaching, research and practice at TUSM are grounded in accurate and up-to-date scientific knowledge, including the understanding of race as a social construct
  • Invest in infrastructure that coordinates anti-racism education and research within TUSM

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