Recently Enrolled DPT-Phoenix Students

Welcome to Tufts!

We are excited to have you join us! One of the greatest joys in our lives is growing students into professional physical therapists and of course, this journey is not possible without you. Let’s help you get started on the journey. Admitted students can find information below that will help to prepare them for their first semester. In addition, our team is always here to help address any questions or concerns. We are glad to have you with us! 

For New DPT Students: Students will receive notifications to log into their application portal in order to complete needed materials to prepare for orientation in May. Students will receive instructions to access their Tufts UTLN and email after they pay their deposits. Closer to orientation, students will be enrolled in a Canvas Course called, Tufts DPT-Phoenix Student Hub. The Tufts DPT-Phoenix Student Hub course is where students will find information about the program, including community support services and resources. 

Enrollment Steps

Register for Orientation

Orientation for the Tufts DPT Class of 2026 will be held May 28-31, 2024. More details will be emailed to students, and registration for this event will occur in the online application portal

Obtaining Your Tufts Credentials

After you have replied to our offer of admission and your record is updated, we will email you with instructions for activating your Tufts credentials, including your new email address and your Universal Tufts Login Name (UTLN): Log in to your online application portal and follow the instructions to “Get Your Tufts Email Address.” Note that it may take 36-48 hours after you have submitted your Enrollment Reply Form for your credential activation to be available.

Obtaining Your Tufts ID Card

All new students should use the Public Safety Picasso website to upload an ID photo upon matriculation. Please submit your photo by May 30, 2024, and we will have your ID ready and available for you when you check in for your first on-site lab. 

If you ever suspect your ID has been lost or stolen, please deactivate your card immediately. You can deactivate a lost or stolen ID through Jumbo Cash. Once deactivated, your ID card can no longer be used to purchase items with JumboCash or to gain access to our lab space.

To replace a missing or stolen ID, contact Tufts ID at or 617-627-3692 and they will provide further instructions. Please note that there is a $30 fee for replacement ID cards. Your replacement ID will operate normally, with JumboCash and lab access intact.

Upon check in for your first on-site lab, you will also be provided a building access badge, separate from your Tufts ID. If you ever suspect that this badge has been lost or stolen, please contact Brandi Gladden immediately so that it can be deactivated and a new badge can be issued. Please note that there is a $25 fee for replacement building access badges.

Paying Your Bill

Tufts University issues all bills through our online system, eBill. You will be contacted via email by the Health Sciences Bursar’s Office once your eBill account has been activated and your bill has been posted. Tuition bills are likely to be posted by mid-May.

In order to access and reconcile your bill, you will need to have activated your Tufts credentials and have access to your Tufts email and UTLN. Instructions for activating your Tufts credentials can be found in your application portal in mid-May.

Health and Wellness

Accessibility Support Services

If you have documented learning or physical disabilities and will need accommodations for your classes, you will need to submit the Request for Disability Support Services form to the Associate Dean of Student Services, Graduate Programs.

View More Information About Accessibility

Tufts University is committed to taking steps to ensuring and improving physical and technological access on campus. If you would like to report a physical or technological barrier that restricts any your access to campus facilities at any Tufts campus, please use this form provided by the Student Accessibility Services Office. 

Report a Physical or Online Barrier.

Submit Your Immunization Forms

All students are required by Tufts University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to supply immunization and testing documentation prior to matriculation. Once students are admitted, the Student Advisory and Health Administration (SAHA) office will send an email with information regarding the requirements and the immunization deadline.

Student Health Insurance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all matriculated students of higher education to participate in a health insurance plan. Students may enroll in the student insurance plan offered by Tufts University, or maintain private coverage as long as it meets or exceeds the minimum state requirements set forth by the Commonwealth.

More information about enrolling in the University health insurance plan, or waiving this coverage, is available on the Student Advisory and Health Administration (SAHA) website. All students are charged for the University’s health insurance plan. Once a waiver is submitted and approved the charge will be credited on their account.

Campus Life & Student Services

Graduate Housing

Successful completion of the DPT Phoenix program does not require relocation to the Phoenix area.  

During our clinical skills lab immersion, students are responsible for locating and securing housing for themselves. Commonly, the Tufts DPT students work together to share housing during these experiences. As an option to help students, our Tufts DPT-Phoenix team is also working to secure hotel discounts near campus for students during the clinical skill lab immersions—stay tuned! 

Campus Police & Public Safety

A valid access card must be swiped to enter the space at Block 23 CityScape in downtown Phoenix (101 E. Washington Street) and this procedure will work at any hour. All students, faculty, and staff must adhere to university policies regarding safety and security, including HIPAA, FERPA, Universal Precautions, and the use of name badges while on-site. Students should contact the security desk at Block 23 CityScape with any immediate concerns regarding safety or security or the local police department (dial 911) with any immediate or emergency concerns. The building is equipped with CCTV in common areas, elevators, and all parking levels within the garage. This system is monitored 24/7.

Phoenix PD has a substation nearby, which provides visible police presence throughout the day and night. In addition to the nearby Phoenix PD substation, the police department deploys additional dedicated resources to the downtown area. The Downtown Operations Unit resources are deployed during peak activity periods to supplement general patrol officers from the Central City Precinct.

Downtown Phoenix Inc. provides roaming ambassadors to help with security as well as provide information on where to go while in downtown Phoenix.

Safety Escort Service

A dedicated Security Officer is posted in the Block 23 CityScape lobby 24/7. Additionally, security resources are assigned to patrol common areas of Block 23 24/7. Upon request, security guards are available to escort students and faculty to their vehicles in the garage.

Student Access to Facilities

Building access is controlled by an electronic key integrated into the student ID cards.

Tufts DPT-Phoenix program lab facilities at the Block23 location will be made available to students daily outside of the immersive clinical skill lab schedule. Students are generally in structured lab instruction from 8am–5pm daily during the clinical skills lab immersion dates. In addition, the program provides students with additional hours of individual or group practice or study time if desired. The card access on all building entry points and 24/7 security guards patrolling provide after-hours security for the faculty, students, and facility.


Click here for more information regarding the specific accreditation status of each Tufts DPT program.