Lloyd Williams has a conversation with a colleague while walking along a pathway.

Restoring Sight in Patients at Home and Abroad

Lloyd Williams, M08, GBS08, developed a passion for providing care abroad while studying medicine at Tufts, and now travels regularly to developing nations to provide cataract and corneal surgeries
Dr. Komu (behind) pose for portrait on October 14, 1931

Tufts Alumna Was a Medical Pioneer in Hawaii

Nearly 100 years ago, Shizue Komu came to Tufts School of Medicine from her native Hawaii with a dream to become the first woman of Japanese descent to practice medicine with a degree there
Headshot image of Adrian

Alumni Spotlight: Adrian Lopez, PA23

"My favorite aspect of the program was how collaborative all the students were during the didactic year. PA school is already difficult—why make it more difficult by creating a competitive environment?"
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