About Our Department

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Immunology Department! The overriding theme of our departmental research is inflammatory responses and the role of Inflammation in homeostasis and pathology. Fellows, and students explore basic mechanisms of inflammation that underlie the pathobiology of disease. We investigate chronic and acute inflammation such as cytokine storm and osteoporosis, aging-derived inflammation, and the inflammatory response to sexually-transmitted infections. We are interested in T cell-mediated regulation of immunity and the role of T cells in heart injury and transplant rejection.  We are a collegial and welcoming group of faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff that is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Alexander Poltorak, Ph.D., Chair, Immunology

Research Groups

Our faculty lead 14 research groups focused on mechanisms important in both innate and adaptive immunity. There is a particularly strong emphasis on infectious diseases and cardiovascular disease.

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Contact Us

Our research labs are located at 150 Harrison Avenue on the Boston campus in the Jaharis Family Center for Biomedical and Nutrition Sciences.

Our administrative staff are located at 136 Harrison Avenue in the M&V Wing of the Biomedical Research and Public Health Building.

Elizabeth (Beth) Kiernan
Department Manager