Climate Survey Subcommittee


The Climate Survey Sub-committee is charged with drafting an annual climate survey that allows us to gain insight into how people view the climate/culture of the department. The information gathered in this annual survey will be used to that will enhance our understanding of areas that need to be improved in the department climate/culture. This will help the DEI committee target its efforts more strategically and assess whether the efforts of our broader committees are improving the departmental climate/culture for all members of our community. The answers from the annual survey may inform follow-up surveys to learn more about certain aspects of department climate.

We conducted our first climate survey this past August and have shared the results with our community.

Long Term Goals

We plan to use the refine our surveys and provide quantitative and qualitative assessments for how the climate/culture of our department changes over time and identify factors that may drive those changes through the annual climate survey and possibly smaller follow-up surveys.