DEI Happenings

students discussing information

The DEI Committees and our department sponsor a range of events to expose our community to issues, stimulate discussion and foster an inclusive environment.

Upcoming Activities

Get to Know You Lunches

Abigail Rivera Seda   
April 8   
M&V 402   
12 pm

Zoom Option Available

SACNAS Special Seminar

Julaiana Soto, PhD, Translational Bioinformatics Lead   
Solarea Bio

April 10, 4:30 to 5:30 pm   
Jaharis 508

Dr. Soto will discuss her research and tips and strategies for transitioning directly to industry following completion of the PhD.


Special Workshop - Budgeting Basicis

A'tonia Benson, Financial Coach & Outreach Coordinator, Office of the Mayor of Boston

The ActualiTEA will focus on "Budgeting Basics." This workshop reviews the basics of setting up a weekly and monthly budget, covers how to identify revenue and expenses, how to best track cash flow, and how to identify wasteful spending and additional savings strategies.

The DEI committee recognizes that personal finances can be a major source of stress, and being mindful of student/staff/employee's socioeconomic status is vital. In many cases, a person's socioeconomic status and discrepancies between ethnic groups result from a lack of education in finance and how our society is designed. No educational institution teaches individuals about personal finance; instead, the knowledge is gate-kept, and we must figure it out ourselves. Not having Financial Literacy results in debt, limits options, and affects a person's ability to overcome stressful or toxic situations. Financial Literacy gives individuals options and the confidence to advocate for themselves and their worth.

We hope this "Budgeting workshop" can begin the discussion on Financial Literacy and that we become encouraged to contribute to the conversation, ask questions, exchange advice, and discuss financial needs/burdens. While the event is tailored to the budget of graduate students, anyone is welcome (technicians, postdocs, staff, faculty, etc). We want to continue the conversation by doing a series of workshops where we bring financial coaches and experts to provide options for personal financial goals. But first, we will start with the basics!

Food will be provided during the event. Please RSVP for the Bugdeting Basics Event here.