Individual Career Counseling

Career Services works with current students and alumni on an individual basis to plan strategy and tactics, explore jobs and employers, and schedule the many steps during your academic career for post-graduation employment.

Topics covered during counseling sessions range from self-assessment and career exploration to negotiating that first post-graduate salary. These sessions are designed to facilitate the development of a personalized career plan tailored to your unique aspirations and goals. We recommend all students take advantage of a personalized career plan.

  • General career development strategy
  • Assistance in developing target employer list
  • Networking advice and contact identification
  • Determining your stories that fit the specific job
  • Resume, CV, cover letter, email, and job application reviews
  • LinkedIn and social media presence reviews
  • Interviewing guidance including videotaped mock interviews
  • Job offer evaluation
  • Salary or promotion negotiation strategy development
  • Employee relations (interpersonal challenges in the workplace)

Make an appointment with one of our coaches through Handshake, your online career application.

Wow–this is great information...Thank you for the insight and clearly laying out a strategy Re: mission focus.

Liz Hatzenbuehler (MS/MPH 2020)