MD/MBA in Health Management

An Update for Applicants to the MD/MBA Program at TUSM - Heller School for Social Policy and Management

For a multitude of reasons, including the complexity of the new MD curriculum, the desire of MD/MBA students for new initiatives and programming, and the School of Medicine’s priorities related to our new strategic plan (e.g., implementation of additional coursework related to racism and health inequity), TUSM has decided to discontinue the current MD/MBA program. Although we will no longer accept applications to our four-year MD/MBA program, our leadership working group will continue to consider future MD/MBA program offerings.

TUSM and the Heller School are committed to providing our current MD/MBA students, with the full four-year curriculum experience as planned.

  • 21st-century health care professionals must be trained not only as outstanding clinicians but also as expert managers, innovative leaders, and entrepreneurial thinkers who can navigate — and improve upon — the system in order to better the lives of patients and their families. The MD/MBA in Health Management program allows for an intense, simultaneous study of medicine, business, and health care systems that will give you the tools you need to excel in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

    Social responsibility is central to health management; at Tufts, health policy is a critical focus of our program. That’s why we have partnered with Brandeis University’s Heller School, a premier business school focusing on social policy and health and human services management. This collaboration offers students a unique, interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes how health care and health care policy can respond to the changing needs of society.

    Practical knowledge and real-world application of learning are fundamental to the MD/MBA program. Our professors bring extensive professional experience to their classes and often invite other working professionals as guest speakers. Students also work directly with executives and managers to conduct hands-on projects that explore cutting-edge health care.