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 Students in the Tufts DPT Seattle program attend their clinical skills labs in the vibrant heart of Seattle’s Central Business District. Our LEED Platinum-rated facility fosters creativity, collaboration, and community connections, offering a dynamic environment designed with your holistic well-being in mind.

Classroom Specifications

Our newly renovated classrooms are meticulously designed to provide students with an optimal environment for learning and skill development. The eight onsite clinical skills labs occur in the spacious classrooms that have been designed with students’ needs in mind. They include:

  • Cutting-edge audio and visual equipment to facilitate seamless learning within and between the classrooms, with monitors and speakers linking the spaces to enhance collaboration.
  • Recording equipment that captures all classroom demonstrations, accessible for student review at their convenience.
  • Hi-lo physical therapy tables for hands-on training, so students train in a space that mirrors physical therapy clinics.
  • Additional physical therapy equipment such as weights, bands, and exercise balls, mirroring traditional clinical setups.
  • Sweeping views of the Puget Sound in one classroom and the Cascade Mountains in the other, providing an inspiring backdrop for learning.

Vibrant Location

Situated in Seattle’s bustling Central Business District, our Seattle location offers unparalleled convenience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of nearby landmarks like Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market, while enjoying seamless connectivity food, retail, and service options via an underground concourse. With easy access to nearby I-5 and ferry terminals, students can travel throughout the city and enjoy all that Seattle has to offer.

Elevated, Balanced Experience

Discover the ideal blend of productivity and relaxation at our campus, boasting top-notch amenities. Students can unwind in our outdoor oasis, featuring a tranquil plaza and garden area nestled amidst the bustling cityscape. Our well-equipped fitness center, outfitted with machines, weights, and Peloton bikes, invites you to stay active and energized. Afterward, rejuvenate in our convenient locker rooms offering shower and towel service. Absorb the breathtaking vistas from our 33rd-floor vantage point, offering a picturesque backdrop to your daily activities. Plus, accessible meditation, recreation, and lunch rooms provide additional avenues for relaxation and nourishment.