PA Student Opportunities & Events

Explore the resources and amenities available to students of the Tufts University School of Medicine Physician Assistant program.

Student Life

Students are part of the vibrant community of the Tufts Health Sciences campus, located in the heart of Boston. We are steps away from restaurants, historic sites, and many spectacular public parks.

Modern Facilities and Resources

Students have access to cutting edge resources and facilities: an anatomy lab, a clinical skills and simulation center, and much, much more.

Community Service

Volunteer in the clinic alongside medical students and physicians, or share your knowledge with new PA students in the program.

Tufts University Physician Assistant Student Society (TUPASS)​

Join and promote awareness of the PA profession, participate in community service, sponsor fundraising activities, and more.


The Physician Assistant program hosts annual events to celebrate and highlight our accomplishments and honor our supporters.

  • The Tufts University School of Medicine Physician Assistant program holds its White Coat Ceremony in the first year. The event serves to formally welcome the most recently matriculated class to the program in the presence of Tufts faculty, administration and staff, as well as the families of the students. Students are proudly presented with their first white coat, a rite of passage that signifies their membership as colleagues in the healthcare field.

    After receiving their coats, the students are led by faculty in a recitation of the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to fulfill the role of a medical professional responsibly and ethically. The program director reminds the students, “The white coat does not and should not shield clinicians from being human…it should not keep them from appreciating the emotions, concerns, and pain of their patients. It should not protect them from feeling. This is what the White Coat Ceremony is all about. This is why we are here today.”

  • The Tufts University School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program holds its Graduate Reception in January of each year. This event serves to celebrate graduating students and present awards to students and faculty honoring their achievements. Tufts faculty, administration, and staff, as well as the families of the students attend the event.

  • Each year the Tufts University School of Medicine Physician Assistant students hold a memorial service in honor of donors to the Anatomy Lab. It is at this service where students acknowledge the lives and generosity of Anatomy Lab donors. It is a celebration of life, a reflection on character, and a chance for the Tufts community to come together and extend thanks.

    For the service, students write poetry, submit works of art, and share their musical talents to honor the donors. The ceremony concludes with a reading of the donors names and is followed by a reception. This is an opportunity for our students to extend their gratitude and honor the lives of those that have contributed to their medical education.

Physician Assistant Mentor Program

The Mentor-Mentee Program has been established to guide accepted, incoming PA students through their exciting and challenging transition into PA school and their didactic year. All incoming students are assigned a mentor from the second-year class. PA Mentors will share their knowledge, experience, and expertise on navigating through the first year of the Tufts PA Program.

    • Facilitate guidance through the PA school matriculation process.
    • Impart knowledge of study skills to new student to facilitate improved academic performance.
    • Foster mentoring relationships between first and second year students.
    • Maintain and enhance the PA student mentorship program annually.

    Mentors are assigned to incoming students as they enroll in the program.