Global Health Focus

If you are a student interested in what public health looks like in other countries, the Tufts Master of Public Health program can give you that experience. Students in any concentration may conduct their engaged practice experiences—the Applied Practice Experience (APE) and the Integrated Learning Experience (ILE)—at one of our sponsored sites or at a site identified independently.

Why do work abroad?

Many MPH students take advantage of the opportunity to carry out APEs and ILEs in another country. Most of these students see this experience as the pinnacle of their time in the program. Doing public health work abroad creates the following unique opportunities:

  • Immersion in another culture
  • Exposure to the workings of a different health system
  • A first-hand view of how countries with limited resources respond to public health challenges
  • Experience working with public health professionals who are committed, innovative and passionate
  • Application of your concentration lens to a global health problem
  • Seeing your public health skills making a difference

Tufts Public Health has longstanding partnerships with organizations in India and Ghana. Going to a sponsored site means that you will be working with organizations that have relationships with Tufts faculty. Faculty know the public health priorities, range of projects and day-to-day operations of those entities.

How do I learn more?

Students who want to conduct their APE or ILE abroad should let us know of their interest as soon as possible—starting with the program application. From that point on we will give you all the information you need to think about how to create a global health focus within the concentration you choose. If you are accepted to our MPH program and decide to enroll, in the first few weeks as you begin the program you will be assigned a faculty mentor who will help guide you in course selections and assist you in identifying the appropriate site and focus for your project.

What are the requirements for doing an APE or ILE abroad?

  • Successfully complete either PH 247: Global Health Priorities and Approaches or PH 248: Introduction to Global Health Development. Students are strongly encouraged to take electives with a global health focus within their concentration as well.
  • Attend two global health focus workshops
  • Approval by the Tufts Global Health selection committee