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Health Insurance Requirements

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Tufts University Health Sciences Schools require all matriculated students of higher education to participate in a health insurance plan. Students may enroll in the student insurance plan offered by Tufts University, or maintain private coverage as long as it meets or exceeds the minimum state requirements set forth by the Commonwealth. To determine if your coverage meets the minimum state requirements see section 8.05 of the Student Health Insurance Program Regulation (SHIP): State Waiver Regulations or at All matriculated students are automatically billed for the student plan offered through Tufts University. Students who submit an approved Waiver Form will have a credit for this charge posted to their account. Failure to comply by submitting an Enrollment Form or Waiver with by the deadline given will result in being automatically enrolled in the UHCSR student plan.

The student health insurance plan is available to all matriculated students and their eligible dependent(s). Failure to make payment for two-person or family coverage will result in cancellation of the policy for the student's dependent(s).

The Boston and Grafton campuses' student health insurance plan is underwritten by HPHC Insurance Company, an affiliate of Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, and administered by UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). The plan provides coverage to students on a nationwide preferred provider organization (PPO) network. Plan coverage includes primary and emergency care, major medical coverage, a prescription plan, eye care, mental health benefits and many other services.

When making your decision regarding health insurance, please be aware there is no student health services clinic on either the Boston or Grafton Campus. Students with pre-existing medical conditions should weigh plan cost versus benefits associated with other insurance plans, compared to the student plan, particularly with regards to mental health benefits.

Health Insurance Forms

Health Insurance
UHCSR - UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Enrollment Form

Insurance Waiver
Waiver Form 2018-2019

Leaving the University Insurance Forms

Graduating & Cancelling Insurance Form

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How to Waive or Enroll in Coverage

Students must either waive or enroll in the student health insurance plan prior to their start date as a new student, and then again every academic year.

Students who choose to enroll in the student health insurance plan are required to use their new 7 digit ID number, this number can be found by logging into SIS.

Newly Accepted Students
Students who begin their program in late August or September must complete their Enrollment or Waiver online. Students will be notified via email when these sites become active for Open Enrollment.

Students who matriculate at any other time of the year must complete a paper Enrollment or Waiver Form, and submit it to the SAHA office.

Currently Registered/Enrolled Students
All current students must either waive or enroll in the student health insurance plan by August 31st of each academic year. Students will be notified via email when these sites become active for Open Enrollment.

Students who wish to add eligible dependent(s): spouse, domestic partner, and children under the age of 26 must contact the SAHA office at 617-636-2701 for payment and enrollment instructions. Those adding a domestic partner should contact the SAHA Office.


Deadlines and Requirements - by school or program

Student Advisory & Health Administration

200 Harrison Avenue
Posner Hall, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02111
Phone 617-636-2700
Fax 617-636-2708