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Apply to the Combined MD Programs

All combined degree applicants are considered for a position in the traditional MD program as well as for a position in the combined degree program of their choice. Applicants for combined degree programs must apply to the School of Medicine and submit a separate combined degree program application. The online combined degree program application is accessible on the Tufts secondary application web site.

The MD/PhD program conducts its own interview process. Additional interviews are not required for any of the MD/Master’s degree programs. No standardized tests other than the MCAT are required and there are no additional application fees to apply to a combined program.

The School of Medicine Committee on Admissions is the only body with the authority to admit applicants to the MD Program. Each combined degree program has its own program committee that is authorized to admit applicants; however, it may do so only after the applicants have been approved for admission by the School of Medicine Committee on Admissions.

We currently offer the following programs. Due to scheduling conflicts, students in the Maine Track are not eligible to apply to the MD/MBA or MD/PhD programs.