International Applicants

International applicants are eligible to apply to Tufts University School of Medicine, but should be advised that we admit very few and give strong preference to US citizens and permanent residents. We also give strong preference to applicants who have (or will have by the time of matriculation) completed their undergraduate work at a US college or university. The international students admitted to Tufts School of Medicine are usually students who have earned Bachelor's degrees in the United States.

"International applicants" are citizens of any foreign country (including Canada) who do not hold a United States permanent resident visa (green card). Permanent resident visa status is equivalent to US citizenship for the purposes of our admission process and US federal student loan programs.

Please note the following:

  1. Given the current US shortage of physicians and the uneven advanced training opportunities for non-citizen/non-green card holders, Tufts School of Medicine and the applicant must have a compelling reason for the applicant to study here. This might include a student's interest in a program offered here that may not be offered elsewhere.
  2. Accepted international students must be prepared to absorb the high cost of US medical education, and have a full understanding that international students are not qualified for traditional US educational funding including loans and scholarships. Accepted international students may be asked to deposit the equivalent of 4 years tuition in escrow prior to matriculation.
  3. Accepted international students should have a full understanding that they may have limited options in terms of post-graduate training, both geographically and in within specialties. Because of this, students who are not likely to be able to compete for a full range of career training opportunities and programs beyond medical school will only be considered for admission under unique or compelling circumstances.

Global Privacy Statements
Tufts University's Global Privacy Statements provide information for applicants and students from the United States and from countries outside the United States, including in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom. Those statements include information about how we collect and use personal information and about data rights under privacy laws. See Privacy.