DPT Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our programs and see answers to frequently asked questions. If you would like to speak with our admissions team, please visit our Contact page for more information.


  • How are the programs different?

    The DPT programs are consistently structured in both locations, provide a similar experience to students, and deliver the same promised excellence, however, they are separately accredited programs.

    Does the DPT programs have any informational sessions?

    The Tufts DPT Directors of Admissions host online informational webinars monthly during the admissions cycle for applicants to get to know more about our programs and faculty at the respective programs. Visit our DPT Admissions Events page to register for an upcoming informational webinar.

    Do you accept transfer credits from other DPT programs?

    The Tufts DPT programs do not accept credits transferred from other DPT programs. All DPT students are required to complete the entire physical therapy curriculum.

    Am I able to attend either city’s onsite clinical skills labs?

    No. Once enrolled in a specific program, you must attend the onsite clinical skills labs in that program’s dedicated city (i.e., Boston, Phoenix, or Seattle).

    Can I work while I am a student in my program?

    Most traditional length programs discourage their students from working throughout the duration of PT school. Working during this accelerated program would be even more challenging. We strongly recommend that students do not work while they are students in Tufts School of Medicine accelerated DPT programs regardless of which program to which they apply.

    Do you offer financial aid? Would I qualify?

    Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Please visit the School of Medicine’s Financial Aid website for further information.

    Where will I stay when I come onsite for the clinical skills lab sessions?

    Student accommodations during onsite lab activities are the responsibility of the student. There are some opportunities for students to share housing to decrease the cost for each student. Students are very resourceful, and Boston/Medford, Phoenix, and Seattle and their surrounding areas have a variety of hotels and house rentals available for students traveling for these labs.

  • Does my bachelor’s degree have to be in any specific concentration?

    No, your bachelor’s degree can be in any major, as we desire a diverse cohort of training and educational experiences for our students. However, all applicants are required to complete all 12 prerequisite courses, prior to matriculating into the Tufts DPT . Common majors among DPT applicants include Biology, Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine, Psychology, Neuroscience, and more.

    Can I apply if I still need to complete a prerequisite course?

    Yes, you can still apply to the DPT programs as long as you have eight of the 12 prerequisite courses completed. However, all 12 prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculating into the program and you must maintain the minimum cumulative GPA and prerequisite GPA requirements of 3.0 or greater.

    Do I need to have my bachelor’s degree completed prior to starting at Tufts DPT?

    Yes, it is required that your bachelor’s degree is completed, and you have final official transcripts submitted prior to matriculating into a DPT program. However, you can apply to the DPT programs while you are completing your bachelor’s degree.

  • I am not able to take the GRE due to testing center closures. What do you recommend so I can still apply to a Tufts DPT program?

    ETS, the company that administers the GRE, has developed the ability to administer and proctor the GRE test at home in conjunction with ProctorU. Please visit the GRE website for additional information.

    Can the general GRE test be taken or is it necessary to submit scores from one of the specific subject tests?

    Only the general GRE test is required.

    If I have taken the GRE more than once, how are they considered?

    For multiple GREs, the best scores from each section (Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing) will be used to create a composite score.

    What if I took my GRE more than five years ago?

    If you have not taken your GRE in the past five years, you will need to retake it to get a current score. Scores are only valid for five years after your test date.

    Is the GRE five-year limit waived if I have completed a master’s or doctorate degree?

    Our policy does not allow for a waiver of the five-year GRE time limit for applicants who have completed a master’s or doctorate degree.

  • Can I take courses from anywhere to meet the requirements?

    Courses and undergraduate degrees must come from institutions accredited by agencies that are recognized by the U.S Department of Education.

    Does Tufts DPT accept prerequisite courses that are completed online?

    Yes, online courses are accepted as long as the course meets all other requirements, including credit hours, course content, and lab requirements.

    Does Tufts DPT accept experiential learning portfolios in place of prerequisite courses?

    No, in order to prepare students best for success in PT school, it is important for applicants to have completed all prerequisite courses through an accredited university.

    I completed some of my prerequisite courses many years ago. Will Tufts DPT still accept them to fulfill the prerequisite courses?

    Courses used to fulfill the Anatomy & Physiology I and II prerequisites, including both lecture and lab components, must be completed within 10 years of the admissions cycle. Courses used to fulfill the remaining 10 prerequisite courses do not have a specific expiration date and can be older than 10 years.

    Can AP courses and college credit taken in high school fulfill prerequisites?

    Yes, AP courses can be used to fulfill prerequisite courses if they were accepted from your undergraduate university towards your degree requirements. (e.g., Chemistry 1, Biology 1, etc.). Similarly, college courses taken in high school can be used as prerequisite courses as long as your undergraduate university accepted these credits.

    With the current Covid-19 pandemic, my university has changed to (or has the option of) courses graded as pass/fail. Will you accept these courses as prerequisites?

    Yes, we will accept courses that are graded as pass/fail for only the spring and summer 2020 semesters that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you have taken pass/fail courses during previous semesters not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, these will not be accepted as prerequisite courses.