Organ Systems Courses

Organ systems courses begin in November of the 1st year of medical school and are conducted sequentially through the end of the 2nd year of medical school. The schematic of the organ systems courses is shown below, to give an idea of the sequencing and general timing of each course.

1st Year of Medical School

GI/Nutrition   Musculoskeletal Renal Respiratory Cardio
Nov-Dec   Jan-Feb March April May

2nd Year of Medical School

Derm+ Brain (Neuro, Psych, and Addiction) Heme/Onc Endo   Repro
August Sept-Oct Nov late Nov-Dec   Jan

Each organ systems course is led by a Course Director, typically a clinician in that specialty, who works closely with other faculty to deliver the course material.  Active learning approaches comprise at least 50% of all TUSM courses, which consist of small group sessions, team-based learning, or other engaged learning approaches. To deliver these active learning sessions, Course Directors rely on faculty with expertise in the content to help deliver these small group sessions.  As such, we regularly seek faculty to lead one – or a few! – small group sessions as each course is being planned and delivered. 

If you are interested in getting involved in “your” organ systems course, please contact the Course Directors below.

Course Directors list