Faculty Opportunities

Global Health Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Opportunities

Faculty and students at Tufts University School of Medicine are actively engaged with communities both locally and around the world. Tufts School of Medicine has a number of established programs at global health sites in a number of countries including India, Panama, Ghana and Haiti. Global Health programs continue to expand at Tufts School of Medicine due to the growing interest among students in the graduate and professional degree programs.

Faculty members involved in global health (public health, care delivery, research, education or training activities, etc.) can serve as important advisors and mentors for students planning an experience in global health. In addition to serving as faculty advisors, we also seek faculty members with projects that may have opportunities for student participation (either domestically or at an international site).

For more information, please contact Kimberly Burke, Program Administrator for Multicultural Affairs and Global Health at Kimberly.Burke@tufts.edu.

Prematriculation Summer Program for Incoming Medical Students (PSP)

The Prematriculation Summer Program has been a part of Tufts University School of Medicine since 1976. The PSP is designed to orient and further prepare students for the first year curriculum.  Course material is directed toward the Basic Science material in the first semester. It is equally as important to offer students early exposure in their careers to observe the doctor-patient relationship in the hospital setting and choices in medicine. PSP offers shadowing during the five week summer program. Faculty members serve as mentors for first year students during the summer. Physicians with clinical responsibilities also provide opportunities for medical students to have observational experiences during the program.


  • To enhance their social interaction with physicians and patients;
  • To develop learning and communication skills with professional attitudes;
  • Increased early exposure to diverse career paths and opportunities;
  • To develop a mentor relationship with physicians.

For more information please contact, Marlene Jreaswec, Program Manager, at marlene.jreaswec@tufts.edu.

Teachers and High School Students Program

The TAHSS program provides mentorship to high school students from age 16 year and older in laboratory settings, team-building, interactive presentations, seminars and classes in Gross Anatomy. Faculty mentors provide an important role in the educational growth of these students with providing an educational and hands-on experience in their research laboratories; and the hospital settings. High school students apply every year from all over Massachusetts for an opportunity to come to Tufts explore the health fields. Needed are faculty mentors who are valuable resources for our high school students.


Students witness firsthand the health care environment; see occupational skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options;

  • To provide students with knowledge and the skills needed in-order to experience in their field of interest;
  • To increase career awareness in medicine and research;
  • To motivate students to expand and meet their educational career goals;
  • To help model student behavior through examples and reinforce the link between classroom learning and educational growth

For more information, please contact Marlene Jreaswec, Program Manager, at marlene.jreaswec@tufts.edu.

Previous OMA Faculty Programs

The Leadership, Education, Advancement and Diversity (LEAD) Scholars Program was offered as a pilot program at Tufts University School of Medicine for postdoctoral trainees, residents, fellows, early and mid-career faculty to enhance their opportunities for success and impact in the fields of medicine and science.

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