Prematriculation Summer Program

About the Program

The Pre-matriculation Summer Program (PSP) will be held in person this year from July 10 - 19, 2023. PSP offers guidance, support, resources, learning approaches, networking and relationship building with students, faculty, staff, and medical school deans. The program also offers a very high-level overview (with study tips) of academic content in the first year of medical school.

The courses are taught by faculty, graduate research students, and medical students. These individuals may be closely involved with tutoring and teaching the courses during the academic year. Additional to coursework, there are workshops generally devoted to student concerns on such issues as tips on “medical school survival”, and questions and answers about graduate school life.

There is no additional cost to enroll in the PSP.

Additional website information will be provided as available. Please contact Marlene Jreaswec, MEd, program manager, at with questions or for more details.

Health Sciences Campus

The Health Sciences Campus includes the Medical, Dental, and Nutrition Schools, and the Public Health and Community Medicine Department. The School of Medicine is beside the Tufts Medical Center complex. Our campus shares its downtown neighborhood with Boston's Chinatown community and the theater district. The historic Boston Common and Beacon Hill are within easy walking distance.


Marlene Jreaswec, MEd
Program Manager
Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Damian Archer, MD
Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs

Jose Caro, MD
Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs