Course/Clerkship Scheduling

First and Second Years

Academic scheduling in the first two years is handled by the Office of Educational Affairs (OEA). The majority of the first and second year curriculum is standardized and students in the same class year take the same courses at the same time.

Third Year

The Office of Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office are responsible for the third and fourth years of the curriculum. The mechanism for selecting academic schedules in the third year is by a web-based computerized scheduling system. The third year scheduling process takes place during January through April of second year. The program is administered by the Registrar's Office according to established guidelines. Once the third year schedules are set, third-year students are limited to swapping a clerkship with another student (i.e. 1 to 1) so that each clerkship slot is filled as originally scheduled. Swaps must be done at least one month prior to the starting date of the clerkship by submitting the required paperwork to the Registrar's Office. Students with pressing reasons for dropping a clerkship in third year should contact the Dean of Student Affairs. All questions regarding clerkships should be directed to the Clerkship Coordinator in the Registrar’s Office.

Fourth Year

Fourth-year curriculum is based on the individual student's career plans and needs, and is chosen by the student with faculty advice. The final schedule must be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs.

For fourth year students the most comprehensive source of information about fourth year clerkships offered at Tufts affiliated hospitals can be found here and in the Fourth Year Catalog, distributed to third-year students in late January. The catalog is revised yearly by the Registrar's Office. It contains information regarding affiliated hospitals, descriptions of electives offered by the clinical faculty, and instructions and information on where to report on the first day of an elective.

Rotations in the fourth year are selected through a web-based computerized scheduling system. Rotations you choose through the scheduling system become part of the program you are required to complete. Fourth year rotations can be added and dropped throughout the year according to established guidelines. Students can drop a scheduled rotation any time prior to 30 days before the start date of the block. There are some clerkships that have a 'no drop' policy. Clerkships in Maine have a two month add/drop policy. Students are asked to keep in mind that by holding onto a scheduled rotation, they in essence deny another classmate the ability to take that rotation. This is especially true for heavily subscribed rotations that consistently reach maximum capacity.