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Accessibility Services

In order to progress through Tufts University School of Medicine, students must be able to comply with the Tufts University School of Medicine technical standards, as well as all matriculation, promotion and graduation requirements. The Office of Student Affairs works with students to provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities covered under the ADA. For more information please reference Tufts University Office of Equal Opportunity.

In accordance with the Tufts University School of Medicine policies and State and Federal regulations students with documented disabilities covered under the ADA are considered eligible for accommodation after completing the required paperwork and meeting with the Associate Director of Academic Support. All accommodations must be requested in writing by the student and must be pertinent to the student’s documented disability. Accommodations must not substantially alter the program, intent, process, nor be an administrative burden to execute for the parties involved.

Please send the completed forms to the coordinator of Accessibility Services for your school.

School of Medicine 
Emily Walsh, M.Ed 
Associate Director of Academic Support 
Phone 617-636-6534

Public Health Programs and Professional Degrees (includes PA and MBS students) 
Janice Gilkes, MA
Assistant Dean
Public Health & Professional Degrees
Phone 617-636-2497

Sackler School 
Daniel Volchok, EdD
Associate Dean
Phone 617-636-2975

Office of Equal Opportunity 
Johny Laine
ADA Specialist 
Phone 617-627-6363