TMAA Dean's Award

The Tufts Medical Alumni Association (TMAA) Dean's Award is presented to select graduates, nominated by their peers from the 25th 50th reunion classes for exemplary service to medicine and/or significant achievement in the years since receiving their Tufts medical degree. All Tufts medical alumni from the 25th 50th classes are eligible for consideration.

Full Name Suffix Year Awarded/Selected
Laurence S. Bailen, MD, M93 2018
Ellen L. Bassuk, MD, M68 2018
Frederic F. Little, MD, M93 2018
Bruce M. Pastor, MD, M68, J95P 2018
John W. Epling, MD, M92 2017
Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH, M92, A19P 2017
Kevin D. O'Brien, MD, M67, D95P, AG98P 2017
Thomas F. O'Donnell, Jr., MD, M67 2017
J. Peter Rubin, MD, M92 2017
Kathryn H. Brinsfield, MD, M91 2016
Ronald A. DeLellis, MD, M66, J69P 2016
Lisa A. Kachnic, MD, M91 2016
Lawrence R. Lifson, MD, M66 2016
Dr. Mick J. Perez-Cruet, MD, M91 2016
Patricia E. Sacks, MD, M66, J93P 2016
Stephen J. Camer, MD, M65 2015
Brian M. Golden, MD, A61, M65, A89P 2015
Kathleen F. Harney, MD, M90 2015
C. William Kaiser, MD, FACS, FRCS 2015
Anthony J. Lembo, MD, M90 2015
Scott J. Cohen, MD, M89 2014
Gerald F. DiBona, MD, M64 2014
Deborah S. Gilman, MD, M64, A87P, A92P 2014
Michael Gilman, MD, M64, A87P, A92P 2014
William H. Goodman, MD, M89 2014
John A. Paraskos, MD, A60, M64 2014
Marc J. Shapiro, MD, M89 2014
Andrea L. Zuckerman, MD, M89 2014
Paul D. D'Ambrosio, MD, M88 2013
Philip J. Di Saia, MD, M63 2013
Joseph T. Ferrucci, MD, M63 2013
Kevin T. Hinchey, MD, M88 2013
Ashvin I. Patel, MD, A84, M88 2013
David S. Rosenthal, MD, M63, AG88P 2013
Lawrence K. Altman, MD, M62 2012
Frank M. Calia, MD, M62 2012
Sherwood L. Gorbach, MD, M62, J84P 2012
Steven M. Jaharis, MD 2012
Michael J. Paidas, MD 2012
James Glennon, MD, M86 2011
Joseph W. Gravel, MD, A82, M86 2011
Murray L. Levin, MD, M61 2011
Beryle J. Rosenstein, MD, M61 2011
Martin S. Cetron, MD, M85 2010
Lillian E. Chin, MD, M60 2010
Robert D. Kennison, MD, M60 2010
Dr. Robert E. McAfee, M60, M87P 2010
Scott K. Epstein, MD, M84 2009
Dr. Walter B. Goldfarb, M59, M84P, M86P, M94P 2009
Sandra Rae Hernandez, MD, M84 2009
Elena M. Massarotti, MD, J80, M84 2009
Dr. Philip E. McCarthy, M59, M97P 2009
Salvatore A. DeLuca, MD, M58 2008
Mary Y. Lee, MD, MA, MS, J75, M83 2008
Jack M. Matloff, MD, M58, AG76 2008
Dr. William M. McDermott, A53, M58, AG54, A84P 2008
Lincoln Pranikoff, MD, M83 2008
Roderick MacKinnon, MD, M82, H02 2007
Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MD, M57 2007
Barbara A. Rockett, MD, M57, M90P, M93P, J96P 2007
Owen E. Christensen, MD, M56 2006
John K. Erban III, MD, M81 2006
Dr. Elliot W. Strong, A52, M56, J87P 2006
Georgiana M. Jagiello, MD, M55 2005
William F. Owen Jr., MD, M80 2005
Georgia Tuttle, MD, M80 2005