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The Tisch College and Tufts School of Medicine Community Service Learning program is led by Course Co-Directors Mark D. Pearlmutter and Adam Normandin, and Program Manager, Civic Life for Health Sciences Jen Greer-Morrissey, MEd.

Course Co-Directors

Mark D. Pearlmutter, MD, FACEP

Mark D. Pearlmutter, MD, FACEP

Dr. Pearlmutter is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of Emergency Services for the Steward Health Care Network and is one of the founding faculty members for both the Tufts in Haiti program and the Sharewood Project.

Adam Normandin

Adam Normandin, M15

Dr. Normandin is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and a family medicine physician at Maine Medical Center.

Program Manager, Civic Life for Health Sciences

Jennifer Greer-Morrissey

Jen Greer-Morrissey, MEd

Ms. Greer-Morrissey has more than twenty years of experience directing service learning programs in academic institutions. She provides students with guidance on projects, a thorough knowledge of the Boston area non-profit landscape, and expertise on service learning best-practices.

Other Resources

CSL Peer Facilitators

Through the Peer Facilitator program, second year medical students provide guidance to first year students as they explore the Community Service Learning curriculum. Facilitators are resources for questions, trouble-shooting issues with projects, and leading reflection in CSL Small Group discussions.

CSL Steering Committee

The CSL Steering Committee includes representation from students, faculty, and staff from both Tufts School of Medicine and Tisch College. This group created the CSL program in 2008, developed the course's learning objectives, and continues to provide guidance and advisement on the program’s growth and development.

Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

Community Service Learning is supported in part by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life. All Tufts students are part of this unique college that works across Tufts schools to prepare students from every field to be lifelong active citizens. Collaborating with Tufts schools, departments, and student groups, Tisch College develops students' knowledge, skills and experiences, helping them identify and implement solutions to complex social problems.

Local nonprofit organizations interested in Tufts School of Medicine volunteers may email Jasmine Vargas for more information.