Yotam Block, PA23

"My time in the Tufts PA program so far has been incredible—from the close friends I have made to the vast amount of knowledge I have gained."
Headshot image of Yotam Block

The Tuft University Physician Assistant (PA) program helps students advance their careers and follow their passion for medicine. Meet Yotam Block (PA '23) and learn about why he chose our PA program.

Why did you choose to pursue this degree?
"I've always been interested in the health care field. I started off as a call firefighter/EMT in my hometown after high school and loved it. In order to get more experience, I joined the Army National Guard as a medic. In 2017, I deployed overseas where I was the medic for the response team on our base. While on call, I would spend time in the clinic on base working with a PA. I would get to evaluate and treat patients alongside him, and this firsthand exposure inspired me to pursue a career as a PA."

What has your experience it the PA program been like so far?
"My time in the Tufts PA program so far has been incredible—from the close friends I have made to the vast amount of knowledge I have gained. The faculty are all so supportive and never give up on you. They truly want you to succeed and become highly competent clinicians. One thing that has really helped during my time in the program is the strong support Tufts shows for the military service members and veterans. Being a member of the Army National Guard, I have had conflicts in my schedule along the way, but Tufts has been always been very accommodating and assuring that everything will work out. I never expected to have this much support from a PA program."

What is your favorite aspect about the program?
"My favorite aspect about the program are the clinical rotations. Tufts has amazing rotations set up throughout eastern Massachusetts. They have orthopedics as one of their core rotations which was one of the reasons I was drawn to the program. Having a good foundation in orthopedics is really important whether you want to work in primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine, and several other specialties. In addition, Tufts has a strong connection with the VA, allowing for opportunities to do rotations there in many different specialty areas. While the program will set you up with all the rotations you need, they will also work tirelessly to help you set up your own rotations if you want."

What is your proudest personal accomplishment while at Tufts?
"Making my first correct diagnosis while on clinical rotations and coming up with an appropriate treatment plan for it. It really felt like a culmination of everything I have learned. While I still have a lot to learn on rotations, my didactic year at Tufts has really set me up to succeed."

What do you wish to accomplish upon graduation?
"After graduating, I plan on finding a job in emergency medicine, as well as commissioning in the Army National Guard as a PA."

What do you want a prospective student to know about Tufts?
"Everywhere you go people are impressed that you are a Tufts PA student, and there is a reason for that. You are making one of the best decisions of your life by choosing to pursue a career as a PA, but an even smarter one by choosing to pursue that at Tufts."