Headshot image of Humza

Humza Hashmi, MBS25

"My drive to become a physician grew through my experience as a paramedic, but I realized that this path would be academically rigorous. I enrolled in the MBS program hoping to develop the knowledge and skillset necessary to succeed on this path."
Headshot image of Thalia

Thalia Iturriaga, MBS24

"Going to dental school was my main goal, and I know this achievement has only been possible because of the support I have received at the Tufts MBS program."
Headshot image of Rosa

Rosa Ximena Montes, MPH26

"The interdisciplinary nature of the Public Health program at Tufts was a key factor in my decision. The emphasis on prevention rather than solely treatment of health issues offered by the Population Health Promotion concentration resonated with me."
Headshot image of Kara

Karah Snyder, DPT25

"I chose Tufts because of the sense of togetherness the program gave me. It felt like they wanted me and kept in touch throughout the entire application and acceptance process."
James Patti, M25 and military veteran, poses for a portrait at the Tufts University School

James Patti, M25

An Ensign in the U.S. Navy and MD student at Tufts shares what Veterans Day means to him.
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