Headshot image of Madison

Madison Beckner, DPT24

"The best thing is the sense of community in this program. The faculty are very supportive and are always there to help if needed. My fellow cohort members are all willing to help and guide each other too."
Tom Natan, MG23 poses for a portrait

Tom Natan, MPH23

"I entered here thinking that biostatistics was going to be it for me, because I really like data analysis and number crunching. I didn’t expect epidemiology classes to spark my interest as much as they did, but I really enjoyed them."
Hardik Parikh, MG23 poses for a portrait

Hardik Parikh, DPT22

"A good clinician is sympathetic but a great one is empathetic. One of my clinical instructors was diligent about teaching us the difference."
Carly Amon, M23, poses for a portrait

Carly Amon, M23/MPH23

"To me, working toward the master’s degree in public health has been a highlight of med school."
Emma Webb, M23, poses for a portrait

Emma Webb, PA23

"My year of clinical rotations was by far my favorite part of the program. Compared to other programs, we had shorter rotations but across a larger number of specialties, which meant we got to see an extremely diverse range of medicine."
Francesca Yi, M23, poses for a portrait

Francesca Yi, M23

"I knew when I was applying to med school that Tufts would be my first choice. My time here has proven me right: it’s a place that’s filled with brilliant, kind people, and they’ve inspired me to try to become the best version of a doctor"
James Miller, M23, poses for a portrait outside the Med Ed building

James Miller, M23

"One thing I am most proud of is a skill I developed at Tufts: the ability to attempt new things even when I’m not sure that I can do them."
 Rory Cawley, GSBS23, poses for a portrait

Rory Cawley, MBS23

"Receiving a medical school acceptance is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. It’s taken me almost 10 years to get to this point, and the journey has not been easy. "
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