Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant
Emma Webb, M23, poses for a portrait

Emma Webb, PA23

"My year of clinical rotations was by far my favorite part of the program. Compared to other programs, we had shorter rotations but across a larger number of specialties, which meant we got to see an extremely diverse range of medicine."
Headshot image of Adrian

Alumni Spotlight: Adrian Lopez, PA23

"My favorite aspect of the program was how collaborative all the students were during the didactic year. PA school is already difficult—why make it more difficult by creating a competitive environment?"
Headshot image of Colin

Colin Cummings, PA22

"My favorite aspect about the Tufts PA Program was the community. Tufts attracts a group of diverse, hard-working, supportive, and fun-loving students and faculty who value teamwork and personal relationships over competition."
Headshot image of Renata

Renata DeLury, PA24, MPH24

"I have a long list of things to be thankful for with regard to my education and training opportunities; being able to attend the Tufts PA program and also getting my MPH is at the top of that list."
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