Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant
Headshot image of Amani

Amani Al Sheikh Aleais, PA24

"Tufts PA program is an evolving, collaborative, and diverse program that prioritizes student well-being, training, and overall success."
Headshot image of Phoebe

Phoebe Ryan, PA25

"You will receive an excellent education and create positive relationships that will last much longer than your 25 months at Tufts."
Headshot image of Kush

Kush Patel, PA24

"I think my proudest personal accomplishment at Tufts has been when my patients look me in the eye, shake my hand, and thank me for helping them."
Headshot image of Mariella

Mariella Medina, PA/MPH25

"My personal and professional interests center on addressing systemic issues within healthcare and championing compassionate medicine—values that align with the Tufts PA curriculum."
Headshot image of Maya

Maya Weintraub, PA24

"What I love most about the program is the wealth of resources Tufts provides its students. We have access to a state-of-the-art simulation center for practicing our procedural skills and physical exams."
Headshot image of Alaina

Alaina Cousineau, PA25

"This program makes clear that collaboration is essential to being successful in this program, which will truly make us all better members of our future medical teams!"
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