Dargan in the lab

Tauryn L. Dargan, MBS22

"As it was my first laboratory research experience, I couldn’t have been more pleased. I found a new love for neuroscience and epilepsy and gained invaluable mentors along the way."
Headshot image of Betty

Betty Wang, MBS23

"As someone who didn’t major in a science in college, these classes exposed me to so much I didn’t know. After taking them, I feel much more prepared to tackle them in dental school. Something else that stood out was the emphasis of collaboration."
Headshot image of Ariella

Ariella Wagner, MBS23

"After completing my didactic year in MBS, I am proudest that I have been able to balance challenging graduate-level biomedical coursework with active involvement in my community."
Senila Yasmin, M25

Senila Yasmin, M25

A former participant of the Teachers and High School Students Program is now a student instructor in the program
Headshot image of Matt

Matt Gooden, MBS20

"You should realize that when you come to Tufts, you're joining a family of successful, intriguing, and like-minded individuals that want to see you excel in life."
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