Research/Areas of Interest:

Dr. Kim's current research focuses on uncovering biases among gatekeepers of clinical research, and how gatekeepers can contribute to the racial gap in representation by excluding patients of color from life-saving clinical research studies. She is leading a study examining microaggressions experienced by racial minorities in clinical trials. She also received a grant to investigate the role that race-neutral attitudes or racial color-blindness plays in referral behavior among clinicians tasked with referring and enrolling patients of color into clinical trials.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Columbia University, USA, 2019


Dr. Kim is an organizational psychologist and Research Assistant Professor with the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at the Tufts University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on work and health equity in drug development. Through her research, Dr. Kim explores barriers in the form of interpersonal dynamics - biases, stereotypes, microaggressions - as well as team, functional and organizational level dynamics such as leadership and organizational policies that can contribute to the disparities. She uses a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and interventional approaches in her research and is passionate about putting theory to practice. Recent work includes: examining racial microaggressions in clinical trials; quantifying the prevalence of workplace microaggressions among drug development professionals; and uncovering inclusive leadership practices in organizations.