Kenneth Getz

Kenneth Getz

(617) 636-3487
75 Kneeland Street
Research/Areas of Interest:
My research has focused on quantifying the impact of trends, regulatory reforms, and multi-stakeholder strategies and practices on drug development operating efficiency, economics, performance and quality. Major research interests include phase I – IV protocol design strategies and practices and their impact on drug development performance and economics; clinical research operating strategies and tactics (e.g., clinical study management; patient recruitment and retention; outsourcing; clinical data collection and management) impacting efficiency, speed, quality and economics; the global operating market and environment for contract clinical research services; and international operating conditions and models for investigative sites.


  • Master of Business Administration, Northwestern University, USA, 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts, Brandeis University, USA, 1984


Mr. Getz is an internationally recognized expert on R&D and clinical trial management practices and trends, the global investigative site landscape, site management and patient recruitment and retention practices, and the worldwide market for outsourcing clinical research functions. Mr. Getz's research studies on protocol design complexity and clinical research efficiency and effectiveness, conducted over the past two decades, are considered by many in the research-based life sciences industry to be pioneering work. His 20+ years of original research benchmarking R&D management practices, global outsourcing and the investigative site landscape have contributed to industry-wide understanding of these critical markets and to improvements in management strategy and execution.