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Imaging and Cell Analysis Core

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Keyence instrument is temporarily located in Arnold 214. Please enter the Arnold 2 floor from the Stearns corridor. A214 is immediately to the left upon entering Arnold 2. You must reserve the Keyence using the new Neuroscience Arnold 2 calendar.  DO NOT USE THE NORMAL CALENDAR!

The Nikon A1R is now located in Arnold 606. Please enter the Arnold 6 floor from the Stearns corridor, and then immediately turn right to get to A606. You must reserve the A1R using the new Neuroscience Arnold 6 calendar. DO NOT USE THE NORMAL CALENDAR!

Use of epifluorescence microscopes or Imaris software in Arnold 309 now requires a reservation through the Arnold 3 calendar. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER CALENDAR!

Four confocal microscopes are available: Leica SPE, Nikon A1R, standard Leica SP8, and Leica Falcon SP8 with a high-speed resonant scanner, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) capability and deconvolution software. For investigators interested in multiphoton imaging, please contact Dr. Martin Hunter at the Tufts Advanced Microscopic Imaging Center.

Training for Instrument Use

All new imaging core users must be trained on confocal or TIRF microscopes before signing up to use them. For training on the Nikon confocal microscope, please contact Dr. Samantha You. To use the Nikon TIRF microscope, please contact Dr. Selene Lomoio. For use of any Leica instrument, please contact Dr. Martin Hunter. Access imaging core sign-up calendars here.


Rob Jackson, PhD
Michele Jacob, PhD

Co-Core Managers
Alenka Lovy, PhD
Samantha You, PhD

Stearns 207

Please follow the links below or contact core personnel for information about services and fees.