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Flow Cytometry Core

Welcome to Tufts Laser Cytometry (TLC)

TLC is a core facility offering Flow and Laser Cytometry equipment and services to the local scientific community.

We are located on the Health Sciences Campus of Tufts University in the Chinatown area in downtown Boston.

The facility is in the Jaharis Building on the 5th floor (rooms 533, 534 and 535) at 150 Harrison Avenue. Please check the directions tab in the page footer to find a campus map.

Contact Information

Allen Parmelee 

Stephen Kwok
Flow Cytometrist

We provide Cell Sorting services on several instruments. Sort options range from isolating single populations into multi- well plates (clonally or any number specified), to bulk-sorting in up to six populations simultaneously. Currently up to sixteen fluorescent parameters are available from as many as five excitation lasers. We now have small particle detection options.

Our sorters include a new, state-of-the-art, FACS Aria (Becton Dickinson) and two Legacy MoFlo's (originally from Cytomation, now owned by Beckman Coulter).

We have walk up (self-service) FACS Analysis available on an LSR-II (Becton Dickinson), with five lasers and thirteen color parameters available; a FACSCalibur (BD), with two lasers and up to four fluorescent parameters; and a FACSCan (BD) with one laser and three fluorescent detectors.


$/Hour Analysis Sorting
Tufts University  $55 $70
Tufts Medical Center $70 $85
Non-Profit Groups $100 $110
Biotech/ Pharmaceutical Corporations $150 $170
  Hours measured in 1/4 hour units always rounded up. 24hr cancellation notice. LSRII minimum 1/2hr billed. Hours Measured in 1/4 hour units always rounded up. Minimum of 1hr billed. 24hr cancellation notice for every consecutive hour booked (ie 3hr sort requires 3 days notice to cancel without incurring a charge).

Prices are subject to change without notice but current prices will be kept updated here.