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MD Degree with Research Honors

Tufts University School of Medicine confers the Doctor of Medicine degree with Research Honors to graduates who have devoted a substantial portion of their four years of medical school to scientific research and whose work has been a noteworthy contribution to that research effort. The award is intended for students who have made unusual achievements in research and whose activities as students could serve as a sound basis for further achievements in biomedical research. The award acknowledges research done as part of the Research Concentration Program or done outside of the student's required medical degree program curriculum (research associated with the pursuit of a PhD degree does not qualify for this award).

While inclusion of other scholarly activities (e.g. non-systematic reviews of the literature and clinical case series) in the application is welcome, decisions of the Committee will be based upon the student’s contribution to an original research project(s). Research begun prior to medical school is acceptable as long as the bulk of the work was conducted during the student's medical school career.

To be eligible for consideration for the MD with Research Honors, a student cannot have received more than one interim failure in a preclinical course or received any grade below a pass in a clinical rotation, have a failing score on Step 1, 2CK and/or CS.. Also, a student may be considered ineligible, at the Dean’s discretion, based on an academic record or professional conduct that is not exemplary. All applications that are approved by the Dean will be reviewed by the Scientific Affairs Committee. Recommendation for research honors requires agreement among a significant majority of committee members, based on the guidelines below. The role of the student in the work is a key factor in consideration and should be clearly described.

To be considered for the award the following must be submitted by the deadline:

  • A student must be nominated by a Tufts School of Medicine faculty member or their research mentor. The nomination letter should state clearly the unusual nature of the student's achievements in the research in which he or she participated. Major contributions by the student to the research effort should be emphasized, as well as time and effort devoted to the project.
  • Submit letters of support from two additional faculty/researchers who are familiar with the student's research achievements.
  • The Research Honors Application is emailed to the class or is available to pick up in the Registrar's Office. It must be completed and written documentation of the student's research including copies of papers or abstracts must be submitted in hard copy form not emailed.

The deadline is strictly enforced. Please have the nomination and supporting materials submitted to:

The Scientific Affairs Committee
Tufts University School of Medicine
Office of the Registrar
145 Harrison Avenue, Boston MA 02111