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Information for Faculty

Arrival Time

Faculty attending both the Phase I and Phase II ceremonies should report to Eaton Hall, Room 201 promptly at 8:30AM for robing. (Breakfast will be served.) At the conclusion of the Phase I ceremony, staff will direct graduates and faculty to the Gantcher Center.

Faculty attending the Phase II ceremony for Medical/Sackler only (M.D., Ph.D.) should report to the Gantcher Center promptly at 10:30AM.

Faculty attending the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs ceremony (MPH, DrPH, MS in Biomedical Sciences, MS in Health Communication, MS in Pain Research, Education and Policy) should arrive for the 2:00PM ceremony at Cohen Auditorium.

Caps and Gowns

Participants in the Commencement ceremony are attired in academic regalia. The Office of Student Affairs (617-636-6534) can provide additional information regarding purchase/rental of caps, gowns and hoods for faculty.