Posner Hall Dormitory

Location and Information

A view of a typical dorm room in the Posner Hall dormitory on Harrison Avenue

The Posner Hall Dormitory was built in 1954 with renovations occurring regularly, resulting in a well-maintained facility. It houses our Medical School students, Graduate Programs students, and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students in a building located at 200 Harrison Avenue, Boston. The dormitory is located on Tufts University's Health Sciences Campus where most classes are held and is next to Tufts Medical Center.

The rooms (a typical example is shown in the photo on the right) are located on the first, second, third and fourth floors of the Posner building and each floor houses students from various degree programs and class years. The floors are co-ed and the overall atmosphere of the dorm is similar to what you would find in a "quiet study" affinity group. (Residents are graduate and professional students with full-time course loads who will often use the dorm as a place to study.)

The rooms are single occupancy measuring 11 X 13.5 feet with one window and two closets. All rooms are furnished with an air conditioner, twin bed, dresser, desk and chair with a bookshelf. Floors have been updated in the common kitchens and bathrooms (separate facilities for men & women). Rooms are equipped with telephone and TV jacks (resident must contact the service companies to activate). All rooms have high-speed Wi-Fi routers in close proximity. Additionally, there is a common lounge with a study area on the second floor and an exercise room and a laundry room in the basement. Additional information and photos of Posner Hall are available here. Our Facilities staff maintains the dormitory on a daily basis.

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Lease Terms

Lease terms for the academic year are August 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025. (MD students who have orientation in the last week of July 2024 can add the additional week(s) to their lease at a prorated cost.) We will also accept summer lease contracts from students who wish to continue residing in the room dorm during June 2025 and/or July 2025 based on availability. The lease is for single occupancy and long-term overnight guests are not allowed.

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Cost

The cost for the 2024/2025 academic year is $12,600.00 for a 10 month period. Housing charges will be posted to the student account by the Bursar’s Office in two equal payments. The fall semester charge of $6,300.00 is billed in July 2024. The spring semester charge of $6,300.00 is billed in November 2024. Any resident who chooses to leave the dormitory earlier than the lease end date of May 31, 2025 will not be eligible for a refund unless the student or OSA can secure a replacement resident for the duration of time that the room would be vacant (see Housing License Agreement section below).

Month-to-Month Lease Terms and Costs

At times, we may be able to offer month-to-month lease terms for rooms in Posner Hall. The rate for a monthly lease is $1300.00 with move-in on the first of the month and move-out on the last day of the month. Extension of the lease term can be added at a rate of $350 per week for a 7 day period. Please note that a monthly lease of a room in Posner Hall is only available to matriculated Medical/Graduate Programs/Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students. The lease is for single occupancy and long-term overnight guests are not allowed. (Contact the OSA at med-osa@tufts.edu for inquiries and to request a monthly housing agreement.)

Housing License Agreement

For 2024/2025 academic year housing, a signed Housing License Agreement must be submitted with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in order to secure a dorm room. Agreements with deposits that are received by April 15, 2024 will receive priority room assignment for the upcoming academic year. Agreements with deposits that are received after April 15th will be assigned a room in order of submission date. Students are responsible for all room charges once a Housing Agreement has been submitted. Housing Agreements will only be cancelled in the situation that the dorm is full and a replacement resident is found for the entire term of the contract. (Replacement residents must be Medical School/Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students approved by the Office of Student Affairs.) A cancelled contract will release a student from future housing charges but DOES NOT result in a refund of deposits or of charges already incurred.

Only matriculated Medical School/Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students or students who have been formally admitted to the Medical School/Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are eligible to submit a Housing Agreement to reserve a room in the dorm.

Note: By signing and submitting a Housing License Agreement, the student is agreeing to the requirements listed, including being responsible for housing payments for the full lease term. You should only submit your Housing Agreement AFTER you have made a final decision to live in the dormitory.

A completed agreement and deposit check made out to "Trustees of Tufts College" should be returned to:

Tufts University School of Medicine 
Office of Student Affairs 
Medical Education Building, 4th Floor 
145 Harrison Avenue 
Boston, Massachusetts 02111


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 617-636-6534 or email med-osa@tufts.edu.