Neuro DEI Committee

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Neuroscience DEI committee is to visualize our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community. At the Departmental level, we can make meaningful change while also urging the Institution to make structural changes to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. The committee oversees the implementation of DEI efforts at the Departmental levels and maintains accountability within our Department to align our goals with our values.

DEI Committee Members

neuro dei committee

Left to Right: Rob Jackson, Jamie Maguire, Maribel Rios

Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson, PhD is a Professor of Neuroscience and serves as Vice Chair of the department. He brings years of experience in training and graduate education to his role on the DEI Committee and has been an active participant in training programs focused on improving diversity in the biomedical workforce.

Jamie Maguire

Jamie Maguire, PhD is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience and has a long-standing commitment to the mission of the DEI Committee. She leads the summer undergraduate research internship program Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences, based at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Maribel Rios

Maribel Rios, PhD is a Professor of Neuroscience. Throughout her career, she has devoted energy to programs aimed at increasing the diversity of the biomedical workforce. She currently leads our Postbaccalaureate Internship Program that is based at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.