Dean’s Medal Recipients

Established in 1996, this important recognition enables the individual schools of the University to honor those who have demonstrated loyalty, generosity, or service. The Dean’s Medal may be awarded to acknowledge major financial contributions, to honor those whose ideas or discoveries have been important to the University, to show appreciation for loyal service, or to reward any other actions that benefit a school of the University.

RecipientDate/Year Awarded
Natalie V. ZuckerJune 25, 1999
Dr. Robert Lugliani, M66, M99P, M02PJune 25, 1999
Dr. Moselio SchaechterNovember 11, 2000
George D. BehrakisOctober 24, 2001
Davinder S. Brar, A06P, A07PNovember 9, 2005
Joseph B. Kirsner, MD, PhDMarch 21, 2006
Donald E. Wilson, MD, MACPApril 20, 2006
Dr. Norman Stearns, A78P, AG78PApril 25, 2009
Vivian Pinn, MD, H93May 7, 2011
Te-Wen Chang, MD, M84P November 5, 2015
Sherwood Gorbach, MD, M62, J84P November 5, 2015
Stuart Levy, MDNovember 5, 2015
Stephen Pauker, MDNovember 17, 2017
Steven Jaharis, MD, M87December 14, 2017
Mary Jaharis, M87PDecember 14, 2017
Kathryn JaharisDecember 14, 2017
Deeb Salem, MD, A09P May 21, 2021

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