Tufts MBS-TUSDM Pathway

The Tufts MBS-TUSDM Pathway is an initiative designed to facilitate the seamless transition from the Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program to the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) DMD program, providing aspiring dental professionals with a pathway to pursue their career aspirations with confidence and support. This collaborative initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of pre-dental students, equip them for successful entry into dental school, and position them to excel in rigorous dental coursework. Developed through strong collaboration between TUSDM and the MBS program, this initiative embodies mutual goals of fostering health care providers from diverse backgrounds. 

Key benefits of the pathway 

  • Guaranteed Interview to Tufts DMD ProgramSuccessful completion of the MBS Fall semester with a minimum GPA of 3.2 ensures students an interview to the Tufts DMD program. Please note that students must also meet the requirements outlined on the DMD program admissions page. 
  • Non-competitive approach – There are no limit on total interviews offered to MBS students by TUSDM Admissions Office. All MBS applicants to DMD program undergo holistic review, irrespective of meeting specific MBS interview linkage criteria or total MBS applicants to the DMD program. 
  • Preparation for dental school Rigor – The MBS program equips students with the academic rigor and skills necessary for success in dental school, showcasing adeptness to the dental school's admissions committee. 
  • Confidence building and academic performance improvement – Completing the MBS program not only builds confidence but also provides opportunities to enhance academic performance, leading to improved grades and a stronger candidacy for dental school admission. 
  • Pre-dental curriculum – The specialized pre-dental track curriculum is designed to help students not only be prepared for dental school but to excel in the fast-paced curriculum. 

How it Works 

Students applying to the MBS program can choose to follow our dental track. Once enrolled in the MBS program, students receive personalized support from faculty advisors affiliated with TUSDM, guiding them through their academic coursework and the dental school application process. Additionally, predental students benefit from peer mentoring provided by MBS alumni who are current students at TUSDM, offering invaluable insights and guidance.  

The collaboration between the MBS program and the School of Dental Medicine DMD Program enhances the predental MBS student experience in several ways: 

  • MBS administrators and advisors maintain regular communication with DMD Admissions Officers to stay abreast of dental school application trends and receive feedback. 
  • Dental Admission Dean hosts Q&A sessions and conducts individual meetings with MBS students, fostering direct engagement and support. 
  • As part of the pathway, students follow a specialized dental track within the MBS curriculum. This track includes tailored coursework, such as introduction to dental medicine course, dental anatomy course and head and neck anatomy course, aimed at bolstering students' competitiveness for dental school admission. 

Interview Linkage 

As part of the MBS-TUSDM Pathway, the MBS program has an interview linkage agreement with the TUSDM Admissions Office. Please note that MBS students who meet the linkage criteria are guaranteed one interview in a single Application Cycle (interview offers are not guaranteed to re-applicants). 

Students enrolled in the MBS program who aspire to pursue dentistry and apply to TUSDM are granted a guaranteed interview opportunity if they fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Attain a minimum GPA of 3.2 upon completion of the MBS fall semester coursework 
  • Meet the DMD program’s holistic review requirements 
  • Apply to TUSDM through ADEA AADSAS 

Opting In to Pathway 

Students applying for the MBS program who pursue the predental track are automatically eligible for the MBS-TUSDM Pathway, but they must opt in during the application process. Opting into the pathway is a straightforward process.  

Simply log in to your application portal and navigate to the opt-in option, conveniently located on the sidebar. Once you've submitted your MBS application, this option will be accessible.  

Please note that students will be required to submit the full TUSDM application for consideration in the Tufts DMD program during the summer before starting MBS to be considered for the following year. TUSDM will use the Fall grades to determine GPA. Additionally, TUSDM requires completion of the program prior to matriculating in TUSDM.