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The staff at the Student Advisory & Health Administration Office (SAHA) collects and screens the immunization documentation required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Tufts University and those recommended for healthcare workers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The required immunizations are listed on the School Immunization Information and Requirements page; go to your school link to see the specific immunization requirements for your school. Please review the requirements carefully, prior to submitting your documentation. Immunization requirements are subject to change.

The Immunization Form may be completed and signed by a health care professional, or copies of past immunizations may be submitted. Appropriate documentation may include: records from childhood, school or personal physician.

The Student Advisory & Health Administration Office does not offer medical services. Immunizations can be obtained from your primary care provider or by using one of the resources listed on the Medical Care Resources page. Please make sure your health insurance is accepted by the listed resources before receiving any medical care.

Immunization Forms

By School:

For all Students:

Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine Information and Waiver

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School Immunization Information and Requirements

Newly Accepted Students - Prior to Arrival
All newly accepted students are required to submit immunization documentation by the deadline given by the Student Advisory & Health Administration Office.

Currently Registered/Enrolled Students
Registered students are required to keep their immunizations up-to-date, to be in compliance with Massachusetts State Law and Tufts University Immunizations Requirements.

Immunization requirements are subject to change. Changes will be posted on the Immunization web page and an e-mail notification will be sent to all students.

Deadlines and Requirements - by school or program

Immunization Records Request

Students may request verification of submitted immunization documentation from the SAHA Office at any time via email, telephone, or in person. The SAHA Office provides an Immunization Record that lists each vaccine with date received and antibody titer dates with results. The Immunization Record is accepted at most clinics and hospitals.

When requesting a copy of your immunization documentation, please give your name and Tufts ID number. We will e-mail, fax, or mail your Immunization Record on the same day as the request.

Lucia Fenney
Immunization Administrator

Monthly TB Test Clinic at TMC

On the third Tuesday of the month, Tufts Medical Center's Employee Health Services provides a student TB Skin Test Clinic. A week prior to the clinic, once the date is verified with the hospital, an email is sent out with specifics. (note, clinic dates are subject to change based on hospital scheduling—please look for an email from SAHA regarding the date).

If you are unable to attend the clinic, or in the event TMC is unable to provide a clinic within a particular month, please contact Lucia Fenney for additional resources.

Students are encouraged to attend the clinic if overdue for testing, or have a test due in the near future.

The TB Skin Test Clinic is held at Tufts Medical Center's Department of Employee Health - 6th Floor of the Farnsworth wing of the hospital

Following test implantation, students are required return to Employee Health within 48-78 hours to have testing read. SAHA will obtain a copy of the documentation for the University. Students should retain a copy for their records.

The out of pocket cost of the test is $25 cash. Employee Health does not offer third party billing. A Tufts Student ID is required.

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