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Special Admissions Options

Early Decision

Tufts School of Medicine offers an Early Decision Program for highly competitive applicants who rank the School of Medicine as their first choice medical school. All applicants considering applying to Tufts via Early Decision are strongly encouraged to call the Admissions Office at 617-636-6571 and to speak with an admissions officer regarding their credentials before submitting an Early Decision application to AMCAS.

Applicants who apply Early Decision can apply only to Tufts. AMCAS applications, including the submission of transcripts, must be completed by August 1 and the School of Medicine secondary application, including submission of letters of recommendation, by September 1. Early Decision applicants are either admitted to the entering class or placed in the regular applicant pool for consideration. Notification is sent by October 1- applicants placed in the regular consideration pool are then free to apply to other medical schools.

Early Assurance Program

Tufts offers an Early Assurance Program for sophomore undergraduates at Tufts University who are interested in the traditional MD Program.

Tufts School of Medicine also offers a Maine Track Early Assurance Program for eligible students at participating institutions in the state of Maine. The undergraduate schools currently participating in this program are: Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College and all University of Maine campuses.

Applications for the Early Assurance Programs are available through premedical advisors at participating schools. For additional information on the Early Assurance Programs, please view the Early Assurance Program page.

Deferred Matriculation

Candidates who have accepted an offer of admission and are currently holding a position in the entering class may request to defer their matriculation for one year by writing to the Director of Admissions. Tufts does not grant deferrals for more than one year, except to accommodate an applicant's two-year commitment to service in the Peace Corps or the Teach for America program. Requests are considered on a case by case basis and should be received at least eight weeks prior to the original matriculation date. If an applicant's request for deferred matriculation is granted, the applicant is prohibited from applying to other medical schools during the interim year.

Transfer Students

Tufts School of Medicine will occasionally accept transfers into the third year class when vacancies have been created by attrition. The number of seats available has traditionally been extremely limited and there have been years where we have not admitted any transfer students into the school. Please review transfer student requirements and policies on the Transfer Student page.