Carole Allen, M71

“My classmates are wonderful, compassionate doctors who understand the importance of forming trusting relationships. That’s what makes Tufts stand out, and that’s why I’m committed to supporting the medical school.”
Carole Allen

The invitation reads: “Come to Carole and Tom’s for the afternoon.” For nearly 30 years, Carole Allen, M71, and her husband, Tom, have opened their Arlington, Massachusetts, home to her medical school classmates during reunion weekend.  

The highlight of their party is a sing-along to the music her classmates composed for their class show more than 40 years ago. As Tom’s recording of the original show plays in the background, guests gather around to belt out tongue-in-cheek lyrics that celebrate various organ systems and their functions and poke fun at favorite professors. Now, just as then, her classmates “play together” as much as they support each other, says Carole. 

Grateful for her well-rounded education, Carole recently designated TUSM as a beneficiary of her IRA. “Tufts helped me understand the art of medicine, the skills beyond the science,” she says. Her gift will support future physicians in their clinical training. 

A retired pediatrician, Carole continues to ensure the well-being of New England-area youth, as well as children across the country, in her role as District I chair on the board of directors for the American Academy of Pediatrics.