Public Health

Public Health
Tom Natan, MG23 poses for a portrait

Tom Natan, MPH23

"I entered here thinking that biostatistics was going to be it for me, because I really like data analysis and number crunching. I didn’t expect epidemiology classes to spark my interest as much as they did, but I really enjoyed them."
Carly Amon, M23, poses for a portrait

Carly Amon, M23/MPH23

"To me, working toward the master’s degree in public health has been a highlight of med school."
Headshot image of Shobhik

Shobhik Chakraborty, MPH23

"I love that I can showcase the skills that I learned through the Applied Learning Experience and actually have deliverables at the end of it."
Headshot image of Nick

Nick Falkson, MPH22

"I thought the curriculum design is great and prepares the student for a career in the healthcare industry."
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