Course Registration

Matriculated Students

Online registration is conducted through SIS, the university's Student Information System.

Course lists and schedules can be found through SIS, or from the list below:

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on registration policies and procedures.

Please see the Academic Calendar section for the registration dates for each term. After the online registration window has closed, students must use a paper add/drop form. Pre-payment or financial clearance may be required from the Bursar’s Office. If a student’s degree or concentration requires them to take a course at another school within Tufts, the student should complete a cross-registration form (details regarding this process are below). Students may turn in the cross-registration form as of the first day of online registration after receiving all approval signatures except that of the Registrar. No registration is allowed if there is an outstanding balance from a prior term.

Non-Matriculated Students

If you are interested in taking courses as a non-matriculated student, please contact University College.


In addition to courses offered by the public health programs, students may take graduate-level courses offered at Tufts University and the Boston "Consortium" (including Boston University, Brandeis University, or Boston College) on a space available basis. The calendar and start dates of courses at other universities and at other schools within Tufts University are frequently different, and it is the responsibility of the student to obtain this information and adhere to these schedules.

Cross registration forms are available at the Office of Student Services or online. Please review details about each cross registration option in the Student Handbook. Instructor’s and Advisor’s signatures may be obtained via email. The Registrar’s and Bursar’s (if applicable) signatures must be obtained in person.

Cross registration forms for non-required courses will be accepted on the first day of the semester. Forms will be processed as long as an open seat is available at that time.

Regardless of where the cross-registration takes place, students are charged the same tuition rate for cross registered courses as they are for courses within TUSM.

Cross-Format Registration

In addition to courses offered within a student’s official format of study (i.e. online or on campus), students may take graduate-level PH or HIA courses offered in other formats (i.e. on-campus courses for online students, online courses for on-campus students). Information on any deadlines for cross-registration is sent out by the Registrar’s Office to students’ Tufts email addresses each semester.

The cross-registration process is completed through SIS. Detailed instructions on this process are available online.

Important Note for International Students: Be sure to contact the International Center to confirm that online courses are allowed under your visa requirements

Penalties for Late Registration

It is to the student’s advantage to register online. If a returning student has registered for zero credits within five calendar days of the first day of a semester, the student will be charged a penalty fee of $200. This fee does not apply to first-semester matriculated students or non-degree students.