Learning Formats

Discover Your Ideal Learning Path: On-Campus or Online MPH

Tufts MPH offers students the choice to tailor their learning experience to their preferences through our online and on-campus formats.


For those seeking a more immersive learning experience, our on-campus MPH option offers the richness of in-person interactions within a dynamic academic environment. Benefits of the on-campus MPH include:

  • Immersive Learning: Immerse yourself in an active academic community, engaging in meaningful interactions with faculty and peers that foster deeper connections and collaboration.
  • Structured Schedule: Benefit from a structured class schedule, providing a routine that promotes focused learning and engagement.
  • Campus Resources: Access to university facilities, libraries, labs, and student organizations enriches your academic journey and personal growth.

Available Concentrations:

Accelerated (Fully On-Campus) MPH Option 

Students looking to complete the program in a single calendar year may wish to take the accelerated option, which is fully on-campus. Students enroll in courses starting the first session of summer semester and finish in the first half of the following summer (June-May). 

We currently offer two concentrations in the accelerated option:  

The accelerated option is fast-paced, and the course load is heavy. Seats are guaranteed in pre-selected sections of all required courses to facilitate timely completion of the degree. 

Students can pursue additional interests by choosing from electives to advance your unique career goals. 


Experience the freedom to pursue your advanced degree while managing work, family, and other commitments. Benefits of the online MPH include:

  • Flexibility: Access the asynchronous coursework from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to adapt your studies to your schedule.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with expert faculty and collaborate with peers through weekly live sessions via virtual platforms, promoting engaging discussions and networking opportunities.
  • Self-Paced: Tailor your learning pace to suit your preferences and commitments, ensuring you achieve your academic goals without added stress.

Available Concentrations:


At Tufts, we believe in empowering you to explore the diverse benefits of both online and on-campus learning. Regardless of your initial choice, our unique cross-registration opportunity enables you to take courses from the alternate format. Seamlessly blend the advantages of both worlds to customize your education.