Recently Enrolled DPT-Boston Students

Welcome to Tufts!

Congratulations on choosing to join our community—now let us help you get started on the journey. Enrolling students can find information below that will help to prepare them for their first semester. In addition, our team is always here to help address any questions or concerns. We are glad to have you with us.

For New DPT Students: Closer to orientation, you will be enrolled in a Pre-Orientation course where you will complete a checklist of steps you will need to take prior to beginning your DPT program. You will also be invited to the DPT Student Resources course, where you will find information about the program, including community support services and resources.

Enrollment Steps

Register for Orientation

Orientation for the Tufts DPT Class of 2025 will be held virtually May 23-26, 2023. Registration for this event will occur in the online application portal.

Accessibility Support Services

If you have documented learning or physical disabilities and will need accommodations for your classes, you will need to submit the Request for Disability Support Services form to the Associate Dean of Student Services, Graduate Programs.

View More Information About Accessibility

Tufts University is committed to taking steps to ensuring and improving physical and technological access on campus. If you would like to report a physical or technological barrier that restricts any your access to campus facilities at any Tufts campus, please use this form provided by the Student Accessibility Services Office.

Report a Physical or Online Barrier

Paying Your Bill

Tufts University issues all bills through our online system, eBill. You will be contacted via email by the Health Sciences Bursar’s Office once your eBill account has been activated and your bill has been posted.

In order to access and reconcile your bill, you will need to have activated your Tufts credentials and have access to your Tufts email and UTLN. Instructions for activating your Tufts credentials can be found in your application portal (SLATE).

Campus Life & Student Services

Graduate Housing

Unfortunately, we do not offer Tufts-owned graduate student housing on the Boston Health Sciences Campus or the Medford Campus for students wishing to relocate to the Boston or Medford area. However, students wishing to relocate, may find the following websites helpful: Tufts Off Campus Housing website (used by all campuses) or Jump Off Campus (not Tufts affiliated).

During our immersive clinical lab experience, students are responsible for locating and securing housing for themselves. Commonly, the Tufts DPT students work together to share housing during these experiences. 

Campus Police & Public Safety

The Tufts Department of Public and Environmental Safety comprises several organizations responsible for safety, security, and loss prevention on the Medford, Boston, and Grafton campuses. These organizations include the Tufts University Police DepartmentOffice of Environmental Health & Safety, and Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS). The Department is also responsible for several administrative services including the scheduling of police details and building security officers.

Safety Escort Service

The University police support all Tufts University buildings for both the Medford and the Boston campuses

For your safety while at the Boston Health Science Campus, the Tufts University Police Department provides vehicle and walking escorts twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week, between campus locations, to the nearby Washington Street Medical Center T stop, the parking garage shuttle that leaves from the corner of Nassau Street and Washington Street, the Travelers Lot, Herald Street Parking Garage, and neighborhoods within these locales, as well as South Station and Boylston Street T stops, when traffic allows.

Student Access to Facilities

Building access is controlled by an electronic key integrated into the student ID cards and campus security provided by the Tufts University Police Department.

Tufts DPT program lab facilities at the Boston Avenue location will be made available to students daily outside of the immersive clinical skill lab schedule. Students are generally in structured lab instruction from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. daily during the clinical skills lab immersion dates. In addition, the program provides students with additional hours of individual or group practice or study time if desired. The card access on all building entry points and 24/7 TUPD patrolling provide after-hours security for the faculty, students, and facility.

Student ID badges are given additional permissions based on the semester. The Tufts DPT-Boston program utilizes two campuses. The students will routinely have permission to access the campus facilities in Medford. When students are enrolled in lab immersion experiences on the TUSM Boston campus, their IDs will provide them with access to the clinical skills classroom and anatomy lab after class hours. Specific hours for accessing the Boston Health Center Campus facilities, including the clinical skills or anatomy lab, will be discussed during the enrolled course.


Click here for more information regarding the specific accreditation status of each Tufts DPT program.