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MBS Academic & Course Requirements

The Tufts University School of Medicine MS in Biomedical Sciences curriculum is modeled on the School of Medicine's first-year medical curriculum. In fact, eight of the thirteen core courses in the program mirror a portion of the current Tufts School of Medicine courses. The remaining core courses are either modeled after medical courses or unique offerings designed to enhance a student's future success.

Basic and Clinical Human Anatomy is presented from the perspective of important medical imaging modalities including CT, MR and 3-D reconstruction. This course not only teaches an important understanding of normal body structure but also provides clinical correlations for important conditions that affect humans.

Basic Human Pathology incorporates the concepts of general pathology with important features of systems pathophysiology in order to present an understanding of the pathologic basis for human disease. Elective courses available Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the Public Health programs and other Professional Degree programs.

Examinations are typically identical to those taken by first-year medical students. For the most part, they will be taken at the same intervals as given to medical students. The thesis, either literature-based or laboratory-based, will be completed by the end of the first or second year.

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MBS Program Director & Staff

John Castellot, PhD
Program Director

James Kubilus, PhD
Associate Program Director

Vivian Stephens-Hicks, MPH, M.Div
Program Manager

Laura Nunn
Administrative Coordinator

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