Alum Spotlight: Mitra Marvasti-Sitterly, MBS17, D22

"It was clear that the program was designed to prepare students for the future rigors of an undergraduate dental program and place them in a position to succeed."
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When you are just starting your journey to become a dentist, it can be hard to imagine what the next few years will bring. Meet MBS alum, Mitra Marvasti-Sitterly, MS, DMD, who graduated from the MBS program in 2017.

Which dental school did you attend, and when did you graduate?
"I attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and graduated May 2022."

Why did you decide to complete the MBS program at Tufts?
"Throughout my undergraduate years, my objective was to pursue Dental School and Dentistry as a career. I was first introduced to the program by my pre-health advisor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. After doing some research and speaking to alumni of the program, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for me to solidify my skills and knowledge. It was clear that the program was designed to prepare students for the future rigors of an undergraduate dental program and place them in a position to succeed."

How did the MBS program help you successfully apply to dental school?
"The MBS program really allowed me to improve my academics. I was able to demonstrate an upward trajectory through my classes and grades in the MBS program and that I could successfully meet the demands of an undergraduate dental program. I also loved that I was able to do my research for my thesis within Tufts' dental school. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet professors within the school, but I got to research the very topics I wanted to learn more about. These connections lasted throughout the tenure of my dental education, and I am so grateful that the MBS program opened the door for that."

How did the MBS program help you with your time at dental school?
"The MBS program allowed me to experience the rigors of a medical/dental program while also giving me the additional support to assist in meeting those rigors. I learned how to properly study for exams, manage my time and was able to create valuable connections within the medical and dental programs. The habits I developed and learned were absolutely invaluable to my success during the first two years of dental school. Having the same professors teach similar courses allowed me to learn the material at an even deeper level and to focus on my clinical skills earlier in the program."

What was your experience at Tufts like?
"I absolutely loved my time at Tufts. Every single person, from the professors to the staff, were always there to lend a hand or answer questions. Tufts, especially within the MBS program, was truly one of the most supportive atmospheres that I have ever been apart of. It really allowed me to make mistakes, learn from them, and eventually thrive. Tufts as a whole and the MBS program in particular created the foundation for my being able to successfully complete the four-year Dental Program at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine."

What advice would you give current or prospective students looking to go into dental school?
"Everything that you do in regards to preparing for your application should have a purpose. If you have portions of your application that are not stellar (e.g., grades or DAT scores), be sure to address those items within the application. Highlight ways in which you have improved on those less than stellar aspects and how you have kept working at improving them. Do not be humble on your application, this is the time to brag about yourself and you should go for it! I think that is also important to make sure you highlight what you like to do for fun as well—they want to see that you are a well rounded person. Overall, be yourself."

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