Pamela Chan, MBS22

"My proudest achievement so far in the program is that I was able to take on medical school level courses in the MBS curriculum while actively working towards increasing diversity efforts in Tufts’ community."
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The MBS program is much more than science courses—learn about what makes our program exceptional from current student, Pamela Chan, MBS22.

Why did you choose to pursue an MS in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts?
"I chose to pursue an MS in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts because it was the perfect program that would push me to prove my academic abilities, while giving me exposure to medical school level education and curriculum. While I already had a strong connection to Chinatown from having spent a large portion of my childhood here with my grandparents, Tufts stood out to me because everyone here was so supportive while I was applying, including holding many “office hours” for prospective/accepted students leading up to the start of the school year."

What has your proudest achievement been so far in the program?
"My proudest achievement so far in the program is that I was able to take on medical school level courses in the MBS curriculum while actively working towards increasing diversity efforts in Tufts’ community. Specifically, being on DEAR Council inspired me to spearhead the MBS Racism, Gender, and LGBTQ+ Biases in Medicine Speaker Series, which I was able to help support by applying for Tufts’ Bridging Differences grant...I had never done anything like this before, and though it was definitely a huge learning experience, it was so successful and overall so rewarding."

Why did you join the DEAR Council and the Multicultural Fellowship Committee and what are your roles like?
"I distinctly remember reading the mission statement for Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism (DEAR) Council that Dean Gilkes sent out and feeling so inspired and called-to-action. It was the first day of classes; I had no clue what I was in for both on the MBS side and the DEAR side of things, but, from my time volunteering in both Boston’s Chinatown and the inner-city Rochester community during undergrad at University of Rochester, I understood that racial and socioeconomic inequities need to be addressed, so I quickly wrote and sent a few paragraphs about how my passions align with DEAR Council’s mission to Dr. Amutah-Onukagha. As Multicultural Fellowship Committee (MFC) Representative of MBS, I continued this work by publicizing their Friday meetings and other events during our MBS class meetings. I also used this opportunity to act as an extra channel of communication and support system for fellow students. Last year was a stressful time for many of us when so much was uncertain and changing around us every day during the pandemic."

What are your future goals? How has your time at Tufts gotten you closer to achieving them?
"Being in the Tufts MBS program has exposed me to even more reasons to continue following my dreams in working in the field of medicine. My ultimate goal is to become a physician one day that not only provide valuable care but also combats biases by advocating for those of all backgrounds. My time at Tufts has brought me closer to achieving my goals by providing me with an opportunity to experience the pace and rigor of first-year medical school classes in MBS, and during that, I was also able to take part in and learn from Tufts’ greater Public Health & Professional Degree (PHPD) community, which is making a conscious effort in helping Tufts become an anti-racist institution.

How would you describe your experience in the program so far?
"I have had such positive experiences with the program for many different reasons, and I truly got so much more out of the program than I could have ever anticipated. Academically, though intense and rigorous, there was always an overwhelming amount of dedication coming from MBS faculty and staff, the lecturers, advisors, and various student mentors to help us feel confident in our knowledge and abilities. Beyond that, both the program and the greater PHPD community encouraged and provided me with opportunities to get involved with leadership through positions like MBS Academic Liaison (ALR), MBS Multicultural Fellowship (MFC) Representative, and PHPD Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism Council.

What is your favorite aspect of the MBS program at Tufts?
"The best part about MBS for me was the people I was surrounded by. I felt truly believed in here, and every lecturer, program director/staff member, advisor, etc. wants students to succeed. Furthermore, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded and brilliant peers whom I learned so much from. I am so grateful for fellow students who provided support whenever I may have felt unsure of myself, and even pushed me to become a better student and a more confident individual."

What piece of advice would you offer new students joining the program?
"Take advantage of your resources; everyone here is so knowledgeable, thoughtful, and enthusiastic about helping MBS students achieve their full potentials! And although classes and exams may be difficult and seem overwhelming at times, remind yourself that you are here because you proved that you are competent and capable; take a step back once in a while and relish in what you are already achieving and learning every day."

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