Tufts PA Program Celebrates Student Achievements through Capstone Projects

Students showcase their achievements in captivating exhibition.
PA student presents poster at 2024 capstone showcase.

Tufts Physician Assistant (PA) program recently celebrated the culmination of students' 25-month journey through their second-year Capstone Projects. These projects showcase not only academic achievement but also the practical application of medical knowledge and growth demonstrated by each student.

Throughout the didactic year (first year), students diligently work on their Capstone Projects, consolidating a wealth of knowledge acquired during their program. The pinnacle of this effort is a captivating poster presentation held at the conclusion of the program, highlighting the depth of their understanding and application of medical principles.

The Capstone Project extends beyond academic achievement, serving as a platform for students to hone their communication skills—a crucial asset for PAs and collaborators in the medical field. The ability to translate complex medical information into practice is a key attribute emphasized throughout the presentation.

The presentation of the Capstone Projects is a moment of pride for both students and faculty, marking the transition from foundational learning to the interpretation of medical data and the formulation of impactful research questions. This progression is a testament to the maturation of students as healthcare professionals and individuals.

“It's very rewarding to see how they've matured as a health care professional, as a person, and how proud they are of their accomplishments,” says Rosanne Washington, clinical associate professor of public health and community medicine and director of didactic education. “It's really exciting.”