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Student Organizations

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Although becoming a doctor does require long hours of hard work, the School of Medicine encourages its students to maintain interests that foster a balanced lifestyle and to pursue outside interests. On campus there are plenty of opportunities for social, personal, and emotional growth including participating in our many student clubs, organizations, and interest groups. Popular groups include the Tufts American Medical Students Association, the Sharewood Project, the Global Health Initiative, the Student National Medical Association, and Tufts School of Medicine Student Council.

Traditionally, student groups at Tufts are established and run by students. There are a number of groups that stay consistent from year to year, while others wax and wane according to student interest. If your interests are not represented we encourage you to start a group.

Student groups are funded at biannual Student Council meetings. To apply for money, a budget for proposed activities must be presented to the Council. If a group receives money from the Council, they are expected to provide receipts for expenditures for that calendar year. There are some guidelines on how much money groups can receive from the Council. The guidelines are distributed in the Office of Student Affairs before each funding meeting. Student Council representatives will announce to the classes when funding meetings are scheduled.

Below is a sample of the many groups and organizations at the School of Medicine. The Office of Student Affairs can provide you with information about other groups on campus.

Tufts Student Organizations

National Organizations