Commencement 2024

Tufts University School of Medicine will celebrate our graduating students on Sunday, May 19, 2024 in two Commencement Ceremonies.

Showcasing our Graduates

As we prepare to honor these exceptional individuals, we're thrilled to present a series of profiles highlighting graduating students from diverse degree programs. Each profile offers a glimpse into the unique journeys and inspiring experiences of these soon-to-be graduates.

Anna Kheyfets Daoud, MD/MPH24

Anna Kheyfets Daoud, MD/MPH24

"When applying to medical school, I focused on MD/MPH programs because my passion for medicine has its roots in public health. I now have a health systems knowledge base with which to care for individual patients as well as their larger communities."

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Alexandra Dibrindisi, DVM/MPH24

Alexandra Dibrindisi, DVM/MPH24

"I hope to use my clinical skills to keep my animal patients healthy and my public health skills to educate owners on disease prevalence and prevention."

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Brandon McBay, MBS24

Brandon McBay, MBS24

"After the MBS program, I'm proud to continue my journey at Tufts as a medical student. I strive to marry clinical skills, curiosity, and compassion in my future work as a physician."

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Grace Legris, MPH24

Grace Legris, MPH24

“The field of public health is incredibly dynamic and Tufts offers a variety of courses that may be outside your comfort zone. I found that venturing into unfamiliar territory was invaluable.”

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James Edward Patino, MPH24

James Edward Patino, MPH24

“Through a lens of social justice and cultural humility, I am committed to using my personal and professional experiences to advocate for policies and interventions that prioritize equitable access to healthcare, especially for minoritized communities.”

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Marin Mills, DPT24

Marin Mills, DPT24

“After graduation, I aspire to continue expanding my knowledge, develop clinical expertise, and build strong interprofessional relationships to ensure the best quality of care for the community I will serve.”

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Nicholas Kakos, MD24, MBS20

Nicholas Kakos, MBS20, M24

“Being a doctor isn’t necessarily about saving lives, it’s about helping people live the best version of the life they’ve been given. That mindset will allow you to craft the most patient-centered care and connect with individuals across disciplines.”

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Nora Fitzwilliam, PA24

Nora Fitzwilliam, PA24

“Tufts’ PA program taught me many things in the classroom and beyond. Through lectures, simulation experiences, and inter-professional events with various schools I have learned the importance of caring for patients using a well-rounded approach."

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Shantiera Taylor, MD24

Shantiera Taylor, M24

“As I eagerly anticipate the next phase of my career as a surgical resident, I am profoundly grateful for the comprehensive education and unwavering support I received at Tufts."

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Zemplen Pataki, MD/PhD24

Zemplen Pataki, MD/PhD24

“My aspirations and goals are driven by my passion for pathology and my desire to make a meaningful impact in patient care. I aim to become the best pathologist I can be."

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2024 Graduate Programs Commencement Awards

Each year, Tufts University School of Medicine Graduate Programs nominate students for various awards to recognize high academic achievement, outstanding dedication to their professional fields, and remarkable dedication to the community.

Margaret Bayliss on Match Day

Tufts MBS Alum Fulfills Dream

On Match Day 2024, Margaret Bayliss, MBS20, M24 received the news she had eagerly awaited: she had been accepted into her top choice for residency, anesthesia at Tufts Medical Center.

Headshot image of Thalia

Thalia Iturriaga, MBS24

"Going to dental school was my main goal, and I know this achievement has only been possible because of the support I have received at the Tufts MBS program."

Headshot image of Tosh

Tosh Campbell, PA24

Tosh Campbell, PA24, reflects on his clinical rotation experiences during his time in the Tufts PA program. He shares insights into the diverse settings he encountered, emphasizing the wide range of cases that prepared him for his career.

Air Force Lieutenant Miki Calderon, M24, and her husband Randy pose for a portrait at the Tufts University School of Medicine

Miki Calderon, M24

“I’m currently an Air Force officer, enrolled in the Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program. The Air Force is funding my education through medical school, and my plan is to serve after I finish my training.”

Headshot image of Amani

Amani Al Sheikh Aleais, PA24

"Tufts PA program is an evolving, collaborative, and diverse program that prioritizes student well-being, training, and overall success."

Headshot image of Kush

Kush Patel, PA24

"I think my proudest personal accomplishment at Tufts has been when my patients look me in the eye, shake my hand, and thank me for helping them."

Abigail Lebovitz, Dr. Tamara Vesel, Steven Schwab and Avery Glover.

Student Researcher Spotlight

Abigail Lebovitz, M24 and Steven Schwab, M24, presented their research at the American Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Headshot image of Maya

Maya Weintraub, PA24

"What I love most about the program is the wealth of resources Tufts provides its students. We have access to a state-of-the-art simulation center for practicing our procedural skills and physical exams."

Headshot image of Renata

Renata DeLury, PA24, MPH24

"I have a long list of things to be thankful for with regard to my education and training opportunities; being able to attend the Tufts PA program and also getting my MPH is at the top of that list."